February 23 2018

The VSC directors recently reviewed and updated all of our annual and perpetual awards to make them even more inclusive for the upcoming competition season. Some of the major changes include expanding to formally include awards for Para Equestrian both Bronze and FEI; for Western Dressage; the inclusion of one score from the Wild and Wooly Series being hosted by Bonita Farm and Fairlawn toward annual awards; and a slight change in the required percentages for the FEI Junior and Youth Beuzelin Family Perpetual Award.

Click here to read all about our awards :  VSC Awards     (amended March 8 2018)


What a lovely afternoon awards celebration and AGM we had yesterday!  Well done everyone!  All results are now available.   2017 Awards Results

Hello everyone,

As you will know from the recent announcement, our Victoria Saanich Cadora awards celebration and AGM is being held on Sunday December 3rd., at 2 pm in the Oak Room at Saanich Fairgrounds. This isn't really a reminder but a request for your help and suggestions to make the afternoon even more special.

We have three member nominated perpetual awards and are now looking for your suggestions of deserving members to receive these awards. Here are the descriptions of each of the three awards:

CIBC RIDE ON AWARD –  Members to nominate a rider at any VSC show who handles a problem in or outside the competition arena with ‘exemplary skill, style and tact’. Winners of this award will be determined by the total number of votes. A brief description of the event is requested with the nomination.  

CIBC VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR  - members to nominate a person who has volunteered for the club and displayed vision, teamwork, tenacity and a positive attitude. A nominee may not have received any remuneration for their services. A brief description of the nominee with the nomination is requested.    


Donor: Jill Yonge in memory of her mother Margot

The membership to nominate persons, who they believe have exhibited good sportsmanship during the pastyear. A brief description of the event or events at which sportsmanship was demonstrated is requested.        

For 2016, the member nominated and well deserved recipients were: Cheryl Morgan, Sandi Marshall and Jessica Adam respectively.

Please think about who you have observed during the year who you believe needs to be recognised by receiving one or more of these awards. Then please let me know by e-mail: who and a short description of why you have made the nomination. I'll need the nominations by November 15th., at the latest so that the lovely perpetual trophies can be engraved in good time for December 3rd.

I'll look forward to receiving your nominations.            

Thank-you in advance.   



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