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Mailing address:

Victoria Saanich CADORA Society

PO Box 24031, Royal Oak

4420 West Saanich Road

Victoria, BC   V8Z 3G0


President : Heather Cormie

Vice-President : Christina Nash

Treasurer :  April Malis

Secretary :  Jan Rioux

Membership Secretary :  Melinda Minkley

Show Chair: Alison Malis

Entry Secretary : Sheryl Williams


Sheila Skene                                                    

Lorna Moth                                                   

Claire Vessey                                             

Jen Pinkerton                                                  

Sandi Marshall

Kelly Vassiliadis

Victoria Strongman



VSC Members Contact Info

Laura Hall – EC Competition and Coaching. Contact  Mobile 250 756- 8777   Website:  LH Equestrian Management

Shelia Skene – EC Senior Judge, EC Para Equestrian Senior Judge, USEF Senior Judge.  Contact

Claire Vessey - Level One Coach and Stable Manager at Glen Oaks Stable, School Horses available.  Contact

Heather Cormie - Level 2 coach, BHSI and Level 1 Centred Riding.  Contact

Jane Stone - EC HPI – Level 3 Coach.  Contact 

Amber Wilson - Internationally certified with over 25 years experience and holds German Bereiter FN qualifications and has been trained by Olympic trainers.  Offering private lessons, clinics and groups.  Contact email or phone is 250 213 9791.